Lakeshore Baseball aims to teach girls more than just the sport of baseball. In addition to helping each child reach their baseball potential, we strongly believe that the lessons of good sportsmanship, teamwork and hard work are key to overall development of all of our players. Through the encouragement of coaches and family members alike, your daughter’s participation and continuous development will undoubtedly have a positive influence on their self-esteem and hopefully, bolster their love for the sport! 

Image With these goals in mind, Lakeshore Baseball is proud to introduce our new Director of Girls Baseball, Melissa McDonnell. Melissa has been a volunteer for multiple sports within Lakeshore for both her children since 2008 and we are proud to have her assume this important position. Her mission is to ensure that every girl has the opportunity to play baseball and to guide each player so that they can take advantage of every program available not only in the association, but in the region as well. We hope to work with Melissa to continue the growth of the game and in encouraging more girls to join the sport.

With these goals in mind, again this season, Lakeshore Baseball is proud to offer 50% off registration fees for all female players (limit to one discount per family).

We encourage you to take a moment to browse this page for information on what programs are available and learn more about what we have to offer. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and/or concerns

We hope to see you on the field soon!

Here is what’s going on for our girls!


Lakeshore, in partnership with the region of Lac St Louis (LSL), has traditionally taken registration for girls at every level, from our foundation level t-ball program through to the midget-senior level.Image Female players are either placed on a mixed team (boys + girls) or, if numbers permit in one level, an all-girls team, either made up of players within one association or a combination of players coming from different associations within the Lac St Louis region..

The League Féminin De Baseball Quebec (LFBQ), which is available to our registered female players in the Mosquito level and above, where female players can choose to take part in the LFBQ or remain on a mixed team. Regardless of where the players choose to play, all options result in a season of fun and amazing development.

ImageLFBQ - Ligue féminine de baseball du Québec.

Baseball Quebec is now offering a full-fledged interregional league for girls, the Ligue féminine de baseball du Québec (LFBQ). This is great news for the progression of girl’s baseball. The league will be targeting girls’ teams in A and B class from Mosquito (11U) onward. Atom teams (9U) will have opportunities for occasional play.

Girls will now be able to play against girls throughout a full regular season. Teams representing LSL at the girl’s provincial championships will play full-time in the league, in A class. Other teams will be strongly encouraged to play in the league as well (in B class).

The LFBQ is supported by Baseball Quebec. This league will attract quality coaches and allow BQ recruiters to spot talent more easily. By playing in an all girls league Baseball is now following other team sports like hockey, soccer, or softball in developing female athletes.

We encourage you to Image .

If a player wishes to play on a girls’ team and that team is based elsewhere, they will be accommodated via a release. Releases are automatically granted for purpose of building girl's teams. Some travel is expected when playing on these teams due to participation in an interregional league.

Note playing on an all-girls team remains optional and to the discretion of the player.

LSL Annual Girls Baseball Winter Camp

Every year the LSL region hosts a winter baseball camp for girls (open to players in Atom to Midget). This is a kick start to the season as girls come out of the winter break to meet their baseball friends and start playing again. The program focuses on a particular theme at each session with a friendly game at the end.